winston not logging at any log level. what could be wrong?

winston not logging at any log level. what could be wrong?


i have run in to a weird bug and dont know how to proceed/debug. i have an app thats written in nodejs and uses winston for logging. everything was working fine until i brought up a new production server yesterday and retired the old one. my prod server has 4 nodejs processes running. on the new production server, winston logs the very first log message per .js file. period. it stops logging after that. changing the log level doesnt work. my app has got about 6 .js files, and incase of any error on any of those files, the very first error msg gets logged but any subsequent errors/warning/info are not logged.

the funny thing is winston was working just fine on the old prod server and the dev server still works fine.

i am on winston 0.6.2 on both dev and prod. as far as i know all the sw packages are the same between dev and prod.

i dont know how to debug this issue. any help is much appreciated.


Problem courtesy of: Silent User


After some research, I came across this issue =>

Looks like, the new way of handling streams in the latest version of node has broken file transport in winston. I am going back to node v0.8.22 for the time being as a work around.

Solution courtesy of: Silent User


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