Asus announces three giant HDR gaming monitors

Asus has announced a trio of ROG Strix XG-branded gaming monitors, all with large VA panels, FreeSync 2 support, and DisplayHDR certification.

The XG438Q is a huge 43-inch 4K monitor with DisplayHDR 600 and a 120Hz refresh rate. With two 10-watt stereo speakers built in, it’s more like a gaming-focused TV than a traditional PC display — you’ll need a pretty big desk if you want to sit in front of this with a mouse and keyboard.

The XG49VQ, meanwhile, features a 49-inch ultra-ultra-wide 32:9 3840 x 1080 panel, which if you do the math basically amounts to sticking two regular 27-inch 1080p monitors side by side. That means the pixel density won’t be great, especially when you consider that Samsung, Dell, and Philips have all introduced 1440p equivalents recently. Asus’ does at least go up to 144Hz, however, making it well-suited for fast-paced games that benefit from an extremely wide field of view. It also supports DisplayHDR 400.

Finally, the XG32VQ is a fairly conventional 144Hz 16:9 1440p model with DisplayHDR 400, but at 31.5 inches it’s quite a bit larger than most monitors of its resolution. Again, that means pixel density will suffer somewhat, but it could be a good option if your GPU can’t drive 4K and you’d rather go for a more immersive picture. This model also covers 94 percent of the DCI-P3 gamut, whereas the others manage 90 percent.

The XG49VQ and XG32VQ should be available at the end of this month, with the XG438Q to follow in spring 2019. Asus hasn’t yet announced pricing.

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