Construct JSON object from array on client-side?

Construct JSON object from array on client-side?


I have a string array like this:


What I want to do, is turn it into something like this:

       "id" : "QWJvdXQ=",
       "url": "about.html"

       "id" : "SG93IGl0IFdvcmtz",
       "url": "how_it_works.html"

       "id" : "SG9tZQ==",
       "url": "index.html"


       "id" : "Q29udHJpYnV0ZQ==",
       "url": "contribute.html"
       "id" : "Q29udGFjdA=="
       "url": "contact.html"

The attributes aren’t the focus — what I’m basically trying to do is make each item in the array an object with the value as an value of an attribute, and add another (or more) key-value pairs into those objects.

Right now, I’m trying to do this on the client-side, using jQuery and JS. I also am running node.js, so if this is easier to do on the server-side I’m open to any suggestions. Any help is appreciated!

Problem courtesy of: streetlight


What you need

all together;

        function (e) {
            return {
                    'id': e,
                    'url': atob(e).toLowerCase().replace(/\s/g, '_') + '.html'
                   }; // I converted the string to URL as I expect you wanted
0, 4);
Solution courtesy of: Paul S.


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