Mongoose: updating item through POST JSON

Mongoose: updating item through POST JSON


I have administation page with editing some model. When I get model I convert it into JSON and get something like this:

    "__v": 0,
    "_id": "52d919c7ec31cffc17477767",
    "description": "Hello, teached",
    "points": 1300,

Here is my jade template

form(role='form', method='post', action='/admin/item')
                textarea.form-control#result(rows='20', name='result') !{JSON.stringify(item, null, '\t')}
            input.btn.btn-primary(type='submit', value='Send')

Here is my router code'/admin/item', function (req, res) {
    result = JSON.parse(req.body.result);
    Item.update({_id: result._id}, result, function (err, result) {
        if (err) {
        } else {
            res.send(result, 200);

And I always get an error, but when I update every field manually, like this:

result = JSON.parse(req.body.result);
Item.update({_id: result._id}, {description: result.description, ...

It magically updates. What I am doing wrong?

Problem courtesy of: user3215609


You need to delete the _id field from the result object, otherwise Mongoose will assume you are trying to cast the _id field from a string rather than an ObjectID. You will also want to do this because I’m assuming updating the _id every time you update the document is probably not your desired behavior.


Also, if you are using the bodyParser middleware with Express, there is no need to parse the JSON yourself. req.body should return a parsed object literal from the body of your POST request. With that said, change your router to look like this to get things working:'/admin/item', function (req, res, next) {

  var id = req.body.result._id;
  delete req.body.result._id;

  Item.update({_id: id}, req.body.result, function (err, numAffected) {
    // Do something after update here

Solution courtesy of: srquinn


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