advantage towards

advantage towards


I’m new to node.js and set up a simple chat application with I realizied the installed modules together with express need 30MB. Is more slim? does it has advantages towards use ?

Problem courtesy of: daisy

Solution is more of a lower library of If you want the lower level abstraction use engine, if you want a websocket abstraction keep using is of more interest to you if your building a library/framework on top of Unlike the previous core, it always establishes a long-polling connection first, then tries to upgrade to better transports that are “tested” on the side. The main goal of Engine is ensuring the most reliable realtime communication. Unlike the previous core which rely on HTML5 websockets and Flash socket as the first communcation mechanism. You can also use this to set the order in

io.set('transports', [ 'websocket', 'xhr-polling' ]);

WebSocket isn’t supported by IE, Android < 4.0 and not every IOS so it’s good to have it fallback to XHR-polling.

Android has Java libraries that can be included to get websockets working for Android 2.3 but it runs rather slow.

Solution courtesy of: Josh Bedo


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