Help Engadget build the most comprehensive database of gadgets

Last year Engadget launched a revamped and renovated buyer’s guide, where you can check out the latest gadgets with all their relevant information collected in one place — the better to make your next buying decision with. Now, in 2019 we’re looking to expand and improve our awesome product database, and we’re looking for a few good people to help.

What we need are some part-time database editors. This is not a writing position. Instead, you’ll be paid to research products and get that information into our database. Check out some pages here and here.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • Monitor Engadget and other sites for product announcements
  • Enter products into database, including specs and images
  • Read critic reviews from other internet outlets and input relevant info into database
  • Some light image editing required (resizing, removing backgrounds, occasional chops)
  • General knowledge of consumer electronics required: understanding what specs are and how they apply to each product type, knowing which ones are the most important in each category
  • Some research skills required: being able to locate press releases, announce and release dates; locating reviews for obscure products
  • Reports to senior database editor; will need to complete tasks as assigned and log their completion

We’re looking for people in the US or Canada, preferably in the Eastern time zone, but we’ll also consider folks on Pacific Time and anywhere in between. Please send your resume and a short introductory note to jobs at engadget dot com.

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