The best Black Friday deals 2019

We’re approaching the tail end of the Black Friday deals, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t loads of deals to still be had – and there are many, many of them out there.

But before we tell you what’s been happening, let’s get the relevant issue into your eyeballs – here are our best Black deals and sales for 2019 (so far – we’re still keeping up the hunt):

Our best current deals at a glance

Right, so that’s what you can buy right now – but what about the rest of Black Friday as a whole before we get to the Cyber Monday deals? There are many different kinds of deals still around, from laptops to phones to AirPods (although the latter is heading quickly out of stock).

We’ve sadly had little in the way of a cracking Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal, and even the PS4 deals – while they have existed, and haven’t been too bad – were more scarce than we expected.

It’s basically been Apple products that have been the winners – with $400 cashback on an iPhone 11, lower prices on AirPods and Apple Watches and Macbook / iPads being cheaper than ever before, it’s been (and still is) the time to grab yourself a bargain.

There’s more in there too – Dyson has been popular for Black Friday 2019, DNA kits have been a surprise package and we’ve even seen great discount on power tools as well.

Anyway, enough of telling you what you’re getting, and onto the deals themselves – and if you want something more than what we’ve scavenged from the depths of the web, here are all the top Black Friday sales from around the web first:

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