Freedom Mobile offers 20GB Big Gig plan for $60 per month and more

Freedom Mobile is offering a Big Gig Unlimited + Talk 20GB for $60 per month.

Typically $75, the plan offers unlimited data with speeds reduced beyond 20GB, as well as unlimited talk and text.

What’s probably the best thing about this offering is that it’s available for both bring-your-own-device/phone (BYOD/BYOP) and customers looking to purchase a new smartphone. Typically plans this affordable are only for BYOD customers.

Freedom says that the plan is only available for a limited time.

The $60 price includes the $5 digital discount if you set up pre-authorized payments and redeem the “Digital Discount” promo code.

Just a month ago; however, Freedom was offering $55 for 20GB Big Gig plan for BYOD customers, so if you are not in a rush you might be able to wait around for something better.

Those looking for something cheaper and are all right with not having unlimited data speeds that reduce after a certain allotment; Freedom is also offering 11GB for $40, 13GB for $45 and 14GB for $45 plans as well. Once your allotment of data up; however, you’ll have to either stop using data or pay for more. These plan deals are only available for a limited time and are only available for BYOD customers.

The website seems to say that all of these plans are available in-store only; however, I was able to go through almost the complete process online so that that information might be incorrect.

Source: Freedom Mobile

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