Google services including Youtube and Gmail suffer temporary outages

As the country enters its fourth day of the nationwide lockdown, internet services are essential to how we communicate and live our lives. But, services like Youtube, Gmail and other Google services were wracked by a few outages. This comes at a time when google’s entire infrastructure is being swamped with a record number of users because of the unique situation we find ourselves in. 

Urs Holzle, who oversees Google’s data centres said that the problem was not virus-related or even any sort of overload but more from a failed router in Atlanta. He tweeted, “This wasn’t related to traffic levels or any kind of overload, our network is not stressed by Covid-19. Things should be back to normal now.” So, if you were worried that the internet was shut down. Fear not, as it seems to just be a router issue. Holzle also said that this was a case of systems being overloaded so that theory goes out the window as well. 

As more and more people are accessing the internet at home, it becomes imperative that these services remain on to, at the very least, keep society in order. The surge in traffic is seen on almost every platform as the entire world is gripped by the fear of the Coronavirus. 

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