Spotify collections- Can it increase the engagement?

Spotify collections — Can it increase the engagement?

Analyzing the concept of saving clippings of a podcast from a holistic point of view

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Hello! In my last blog, I came up with the concept of saving segments (clippings) of a podcast in the Spotify application, hence enhancing the listening experience for the users.

Spotify — Listen and save| UX Case study

But then, that got me thinking,

Does this feature even align with Spotify’s mission? Can it help improve the business — if so, how?

So in this blog, I attempt to understand the business point of view of Spotify collections and view it holistically.

Note: I have no affiliations with Spotify and am no expert when it comes to understanding their business. I might be wrong or there might be underlying things that I’ve missed out. This is just an attempt to better myself and gain an insight into things from a broader perspective.

One word answer — Engagement

Let’s dive in!

👉 Growth through engagement

When people are actively listening to podcasts, saving clippings, and adding their own personal notes for reference later, they are more involved with the product hence more engagement overall. By just saving the clipping people are subconsciously making a note of using the application again.

“Every time we increase engagement the likelihood people tell a friend increases.”

~ Gustav Söderström (Spotify’s chielf product officer)

👉 Social media integrations

Spotify, with its integrations with Facebook and Twitter, has capitalized on the idea of sharing music with friends and family. They focus on bringing people together through music. Through social engagements, the company is inspiring groups of people to create music listening habits.

With a solid foundation already in place, extending this feature to include podcasts will have the same effect. Active podcast listeners will inspire people around them, introducing their friends and family to a new world through short clippings; creating a new habit.

👉 Quality content booster

Saving a clipping essentially means that the user is planning on coming back to it at a later date. It’s similar to what Instagram does — their engagement metric now includes ‘save’ as a factor, that too an important one. This ensures the content is of high quality and worth re-visiting.

So how does it help Spotify?

If the company were to include ‘save’ as a factor to measure the engagement (performance metric) then content creators will focus on providing value to their potential followers; improving the quality content.

👉 Dopamine shots

In today’s fast-paced world, people are looking for short doses of quality content; whether it be news articles or videos. In the era of Tiktok videos or Instagram Reels, people receive these dopamine shots in just 15-seconds. According to a study, this has lead to a decline in the attention span of people.

“Our brains are changing based on this interaction with digital technologies and one of these is time compression. Our attention spans are lowering.”

~ Dr. Julie Albright

So why should Spotify stay behind?

Playlist or in this case, collections, act as short doses of dopamine aka quality content. Users can now use a collaborative playlist to not just share their taste in music, but their collection of quality audio clippings. Listeners will receive more information in a short span of time, as compared to listening to a 30 mins long episode.

🔻 Let’s get real — where does it lack?

Up until now, all the points have been in favor of the concept. But the following points, in my opinion, could be the drawbacks —

  • The concept is most suitable for informational consumption; hence limiting the target audience. Listeners are more likely to save the segments of an episode which provide value to them, entertainment requires context, which is lost in a 30–60secs clipping.
  • Spotify is an entertainment-focused product. Users don’t go the app to expect to gain value, but to pass their time in leisure.

🏆 When will this feature be considered successful?

  • The user base of listeners increases.
  • People are actually using the feature and sharing it with their friends
  • The time spent on the platform increases
  • Content creators gain more following

This concept will help in increasing the engagement rate, and a percentage(%) of that rate will in turn help in acquiring more listeners to the platform.

So, what do you think — can this feature help increase engagement?

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