Google’s next Nest Thermostat to include Soli-like gestures

A new leak adds more credence to the rumours that the next Nest Thermostat will include a form of air gestures.

The leak comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a pretty solid track record when it comes to tech hardware reports.

Beyond the gestures, the new thermostat is reported to have a $129 USD (roughly, $169 CAD) price tag, placing it below both the $229 and $329 CAD costs of both existing Nest Thermostat models.

The new design is rumoured to feature a plastic casing like the Nest E, which makes sense given its low cost. But the real standout feature is reportedly a form of air gestures like the Pixel 4’s ‘Motion Sense.’

The leak claims that users will be able to move their hands up and down to set the temperature, or forwards and backwards to navigate menus.

While I’m still not sold, this is more efficient than touching and interacting with the device. However, I’ll reserve most of my judgement until we see the device for real.

If Google can actually keep the price of the new Nest Thermostat under $200 in Canada, it should help the tech giant enter even more homes as it battles with Ecobee and Honeywell.

Source: Bloomberg

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