NASA’s 2024 Moon mission is in serious trouble

moon 2024

  • NASA needs a lot of money if it hopes to achieve a crewed mission to the Moon by 2024, but lawmakers aren’t giving in.
  • A budget proposal for NASA asked for nearly $5 billion but was cleared for just over $1.5 billion, making a Moon return impossible
  • NASA is hopeful that the Senate will be more willing to boost its budget, but that remains to be seen.

The Trump administration gambled in a big way when it mandated that NASA find a way to return humans to the Moon by 2024. The decision was decried by many scientists and analysts as short-sighted, as it was an incredibly short timeline that would require not only a huge effort on the part of NASA and its commercial partners but also an incredible investment on the part of the US government.

Securing a large enough budget has proven difficult for NASA, and despite the order to return to the Moon coming straight from the top, lawmakers who decide how much money NASA should receive for its efforts have clearly not seen the value in a return to the Moon. Now, as The Hill reports, a new bill detailing NASA’s funding falls well short of the cash the space agency will need in order to fulfill the Moon 2024 promise.

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